About me

Hi there! My name is Jonathan Davis. I've done many things in astronomy and astrophysics. I have been an observational astronomer for the University of Utah and the Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory working at the Whipple observatory. I have built a lot of astronomy software which has helped plan observational measurements, analyze large amounts of galaxy data, and software which even simulates the universe.  

Currently I am an astronomy and space science graduate student at Cornell University. There I will continue to write astronomy software (of course) and help with their outreach, which is pretty cool.

I also like to do other things like exercise, play video games, watch anime occasionally, and of course I like to write as apparent from this blog. I write about various things, a lot about astronomy, but really just whatever I feel I most want to write about at any given time. 
A selfie of me on top of Mt. Hopkins in Arizona

If you want to shoot me an email and are not a bot, you can use

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I'll be hosting a Reddit AMA on July 21, 2020


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